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Looks Like Your Average Flower Girl, Right? Wrong. This Will Hit You Right In The Heart.

Isabella Luckett is a 4 year-old with cerebral palsy. She can’t stand unaided. Because her legs are underdeveloped, she uses a wheelchair to get around. Her aunt was getting married and wanted Isabella to be the flower girl, but it seemed like would be impossible for her to walk down the aisle.

But then, everything changed.


The Upsee harness was created by a mother who has a son with cerebral palsy. She wanted to help him walk, now she is helping families all over the world.

Bella’s steps are a moment that she nor her parents Gary and Natalie will ever forget. Most of us probably take walking for granted, but for someone with limited mobility, it is a miracle. Share her wonderful moment with others.


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What This Man Built For His Grandson Took 6 Months… But It’s So Completely Epic. I Love It…

For six months, a grandfather in central China worked ceaselessly on building something for his grandson. It would not only help him get to school, but it would give him some major cool points as well. This custom-made gift ended up being so popular, he had to build two more for other family members.

It runs on five batteries and is pure awesomeness.

Even adults want to drive this adorable car. Running errands wouldn’t feel like such a chore if you got to ride around in this thing. This grandfather did some awesome work, share it with others! (And be sad that you don’t have one yourself.)


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You’ve Seen Orphaned Baby Squirrels Before But I Guarantee Not One That Does This. WHAT?

Most 16 year-old girls are pretty fussy about their hair and makeup. Not Abby Putterill, though. Abby and her family live on a sanctuary near Harare. This girl from Zimbabwe doesn’t mind when her hair gets a bit messy. It usually tends to be, too, because of her pet squirrel Hammy.

That’s right. If you see Abby, chances are, she has a squirrel living in her hair.

Seeing a little creature be so close to a human is heartwarming. I just hope Hammy becomes accustomed to leaving Abby’s hair every now and then. After all, what would she do on prom night with a squirrel in her hair?

Here Are 15 Pictures That Prove It’s The Simplest Moments That Mean The Most. Heart = Exploded.

When babies meet dogs for the very first time there are no silly handshakes involved. They like to stick to sniffs, odd glances, laughs and excitement. As seen in these 15 adorable pictures of cute pooches meeting some darling infants for the very first time.

If you are wanting to introduce your dog to a baby, then Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer) has a great article on how you should go about doing so.


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